Bryan Kendall

11 Jun 2013

I’ve found that running has an interesting property in my life: it’s become my meditation. Being able to get out of work, off any electronics, and let my mind be at peace is relaxing. It lets me clear out my thoughts, and simply focus on physical motion in the now.

A quote that I’ve heard, the source escapes me, says something along the lines of “happiness can only come from focusing on one thing at a time.” It went on to explain that when you do multiple things at once (listening to music and doing homework, for example), you’ll never be able to attain focus and happiness in the activity. While running, I’ve actually been able to focus on things, and it makes a measurable improvement on my day.

I do encourage focusing on one thing at a time. That has proven to be useful in my life so far, but it has been slightly difficult habit to break (I like something in the background - silence can be scary sometimes).

On a random note, recently marked 1 year at AMD, so I’m pretty proud of that.

Happy summer everyone!