Bryan Kendall

Happy New Year!
03 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!! (^_^)

I’m a couple days late on the ‘new year’ post but better late than never! I wanted to write up what my new year’s resolutions are this year, mainly to make sure I actually wrote them out somewhere, but also to publicize them to make me feel bad when if I don’t keep to them.

Without further ado:

Bryan’s 2014 TODOs:

  • Start writing more - write a blog post, or something technical - anything that isn’t specifically code. Preferably substantial and at least once a week.
  • Lose some weight - I got in a little bit of a slump. Between not moving enough for work and flying planes as an excuse for running, I gained a few unwanted pounds. Things to do include:
    • Run regularly again! My run log shows a little bit of a lack of activity.
    • Get my runs up to 5 miles - I would be happy to add 1 mile a month to get me running 5 miles by April
    • Cut out buying coffee - make coffee at home, and stick to that
  • Find another social activity - I don’t know what it will be yet, but I want to find something
  • Flight related things:
    • Instrument rating - well on my way already, just finish it up
    • Multi-engine rating
    • High altitude rating - found a local place in Michigan that does this in a day for a good price, so I want to take them up on it!
  • Continue to be myself and proud of it :)

That’s about all I have. Here’s to a new year, and may you keep your resolutions as well!