Bryan Kendall

New Digs and Gigs
23 Jul 2014

Well, well, well… almost stuck to some of my goals. A quick recap:

  • Start writing more

Nope. Missed that one quite a bit.

  • Run regularly again!
  • Find another social activity

I started playing tennis again! Getting that physical activity in through that, meeting some cool people too. Also, my new co-workers have been a great social experience as well (getting to that in a moment)

  • Cut out buying coffee

Work has pretty good coffee, San Francisco has a lot of good coffee as well. I’d call this one 50/50.

  • Flight related things

Alas, moving made this tough, but I’ll be getting back to this soon.

  • Continue to be myself and proud of it

So far, so good!

Digs and Gigs

Jumping right to the point, I got a new job! I’m now working for an awesome startup called Runnable in San Francisco (and for a few months when I first started, Palo Alto). I am writing a lot of javascript, working with Docker, and having a blast. Everyone I work with is awesome, and it’s been amazing to learn all the new things and be working on such a great project.

I also got to move to San Francisco, which has been quite the experience as well. It’s been a packed 5 months and there are plenty of stories I can expand on, but I’ll save them for some other posts… :)

That’s all for now–I’ll expand on a few of the stories soon. Let’s get back on this writing train!!